List of Links under a Tab will not scroll down


Hi, Have just done the new upgrade and now i can’t get the tabs to scroll down if there are many links in a tab, help please


@DC1, forgive me but I’m not sure I follow. Are you referring to individual tabs where websites load/display, or are you referring to bookmarks, that show up in a drop down menu?


Hi Mattches,
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
I used to be able to see all my Links from a drop down menu on the Bookmarks Bar. these were imported from IE.
However I can still get the Links to drop down but as there are quite a few, they all don’t fit on the drop down list. i used to be able to scroll down with my Mouse but this does not work after the upgrade.
I have been able to find them through the Bookmark manager but this is not as simple as the original drop down off the Bookmarks bar and scrolling down till i got to the link I wanted.


Gotcha, I figured you meant bookmarks, just wanted to make sure :upside_down_face:

The bookmarks issue a few times - you can see similar reports here. I’d be happy to talk to the team tomorrow and get an issue logged if there isn’t a fix available. Thanks for reaching out!


might be refering to the bookmark tab above the address bar…

like other browsers, we should be able to scroll down to the bookmark we want to, brave doesnt do that…



This issue has been logged and submitted for the team to review. You can track progress here :slight_smile:

Unable to scroll through bookmarks

Thanks Mattches, Will await your findings.


Hi @DC1, just a quick update.
Please update your Brave version to the latest release since this version have a fix for this scrolling issue.

I’m going to close this thread for now because original issue reported here was fixed. Feel free to open a new one if you have another question/feedback/report.

Thank you,

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