Links won't open in some sites

Trying to open a link in some sites won’t work at all.
If you go to and try opening a link, either nothing happens or a blank page will come up. It will only open if you highlight the link in the address bar and press enter.
This just happened after the new update. I’m using Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia

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As for the issue, you’re absolutely right but I have no idea why. Even with Shields off.
Give me a bit to dig into it and I’ll see what I can find.

Sorry about not staying with the template.

I’ve just run into this with another site. ( ) Do I add this to the original report?

So for the first website,, the issue seems to be Brave’s global Shields settings. I’m not sure why, but I encountered this with another site recently as well and may have to open an issue for it. To confirm, go to, turn Cookie Control in Global Shields to Allow all cookies. The site should function as expected.

It’s also worth noting that the issue with Lxer only appears in the current live release. Site works fine without any adjustments on Beta and Developer builds.

For Digg (throwback! I didn’t know they were still around), I don’t have any issue navigate the site with default Shields settings. However, both of these issues should be fixed as this issue has been closed:

You should see this when Brave live release bumps up to 0.57.x versions.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Mattches,

Working again.

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My pleasure.

Enjoy your privacy!

I clicked on the link and got this page. While the buttons and site links worked some did not and lead to blank pages. For example the ’ Tesla will live and die by the gigafactory’ link

Links2.png978x1011 287 KB

Gives this blank page . ( and others I tested ) show [not secure]site and open with a highlighted address. It shows API / redirect / digg / api / the Verge …

links3.png1913x294 31.4 KB

When this is copy / pasted into a NewTabPage it leads the page loaded properly on the Verge site

Links4.jpg1920x605 294 KB

While this API redirect may signify nothing in relation to the ’ Links won’t open in some sites’ it did set a Tile on the NTP which is an ongoing discussion on anther open thread ’ thumbnails say they are deleted but they are not’. I will be commenting on this shortly and this message will provide some background as to the only Tile that has set on my NTP in a long time.
Thanks :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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