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I recently downloaded Brave again on my Acer net book where I use Thunderbird email. I’m using Ubuntu. Links from there will not open. I see from previous questions this has been a problem previously. will not load.
On an older laptop where I have been happily using Brave for several months, it too will no longer load or links to it. Also use Ubuntu on here.
Thanks for any advice you may have.


Hi @sandifeet, would you mind sharing your about:brave information for me? I need to know what version of Brave and which Ubuntu. I can open links in Brave from Thunderbird on Ubuntu 18.04.
I can also visit without any issues. I’ve attached gifs below to confirm (its running on a VM so it’s a little slow, apologies).

Open link from Thunderbird:



Hello Mattches, Thanks for your reply. I can see what you did, I’m afraid I would have no idea how to send you similar from here. However I can now get RT. Clicking on any link in email opens Brave, sometimes reluctantly, but it seems to be settling in? It won’t open the links though. I can only “copy link location”, from the address bar, go to Brave then “paste & go” to get any links to open. Bit of a piss off. I was using Opera previously but Brave won’t import bookmarks saved there. Asks my
to open a folder to download from?? I’ve read about sandbox in other posts but that too is a bit too tech like for me. I ok with commands into terminal to get answers to any Brave questions? Cheers


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