Links in Emails from Amazon result in a blank page

Gmail pages with links which result in blank page, but with Chrome they work correctly

Open Gmail account, open/read email from Amazon, which is advising of order status, etc. Email contains links to “Track package”, “your orders”, “your account”, etc. Click on any of these links, and you get a blank page. But, using Chrome, do exactly the same thing, and you get the page you are looking for.

**Brave Page with GMail open:

**Actual Result: Click on “Order Details” and you get

**Expected result: (via Chrome):

**Reproduces how often: Every Time

**Operating System and Brave Version: Windows 7, Brace 1.11.97

Additional Information:

Here is the actual link from that first page. If you open a Brave window/tab, and paste this link/url into the browser address, you will get a blank page. but if you open a Chrome window/tab and paste this link/url into the browser address, you will see the page you are supposed to see. Note: this link is stupidly long…

Is there no-one else experiencing this problem ?

I have the same issue. I would guess it began some time within the last 60 days.

also trying to access the Canadian site for Amazon

It appears to me that no-one from Brave is going to look at this.

@FCDobbs @Dan991199

would change the shiled setting to allow all cookies help ?

does turn on/off shield help

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks for the tip, but ensuring all cookies are allowed made no difference.

you welcome what about turn the shield off

and also try to use private mode

hope that help

Can you try clearing cache/site data for Amazon, then seeing if you get better results?

Realize this situation is with my desktop computer running Windows 7.

I can’t turn shield off, because Gmail requires it to be on.

Clearing Amazon cache made no difference.

Well, I guess I’ll go back to Chrome.
Also many of the Chrome extensions don’t work with Brave… for instance Video downloader.

I would try:

  • Disabling your extensions to see if one of them is causing the conflict.
  • Try clearing your browsing data to see if something in the cache is causing the issue.
  • Try performing the same actions in a new profile (Menu --> new profile) and see if you get the same results.

I removed all extensions… still doesn’t work correctly.
I’ve already tried clearing browser data before, Still doesn’t work.
I created a new profile CLEAN. Opened my gmail from Clicked on a link in the email… blank page… still.

I have done a bit more investigating.
If I open a new tab, and go directly to (login), and look at any of my orders, then click on any links, I can see the linked pages from my orders. But those links (URLs) are different than any that are in my emails.
So it has something to do with the links/parameters that are in the emails which Brave doesn’t like. I have earlier given an example of a link which works in Chrome, but doesn’t work in Brave.

OK, I give up.
Goodbye, Brave !!!

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