Links and data entry boxes on Websites no longer work

Links and data entry boxes stopped working on all Wesites
I Don’t know

  1. Recently, links on Websites are disabled and I’m also unable to enter any data into text boxes.

Expected result:


I don’t know if something was changed without my knowledge or if I accidentally changed a setting or something that I shoudn’t have. This all worked until a day or two ago.


Try . . .

Exit / Quit everything; restart computer

Try . . .

  • toggle F7 key
  • toggle Windows key
  • toggle hardware acceleration switch (brave://settings/system)

I’m afraid I need additional guidance. I understand Exit/Quit everything. I understand restart computer. This is where I’m unsure what to do. What does toggle F7 key mean? What does toggle Windows key mean? Do these actions take place during the re-boot or after? What does toggle hardware acceleration switch mean? It is currently ON. Do you mean turn it off?

Thanks for additional help!

D. Eager

Any sample sites causing issues? @doneager43

Thanks for your help with this. After hours of working on this, I finally gave up, turned off the PC and went to bed. The next morning, powered up and this critical problem was miraculously gone! No further issues with links or data entry in any sites I tried.

However, there is now a new problem. This one isn’t critical but is an annoyance. When I close Brave I’m told how many tabs are open be closed and am asked if closing them all is OK. I always answer this Close All. However, the next time I open Brave, the old tabs are still displayed and I have to close them one at a time. Any known solution to this?


D. Eager


Try updating to Version 1.41.100

Currently running 1.41.100?

Yes Version 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I already have that version and build of Brave installed. Why do I need to download it again to solve my problem?


That you already have v1.41.100 installed, is not clear, in your previous writing. Your Original Post (‘OP’), states ‘v1.41.96’. A later reply by you, ‘Currently running 1.41.100?’ is a question that you asked.

Please mention full URL addresses for some sites that cause the issues, as @fanboynz requested - he is a member of Brave Support. Thank you.

Apologies re my earlier reply . . . the ‘toggle’ test, means to try, one-at-a-time, each of the switches, in each switch position: ON vs OFF. for example:

  • F7 key (ON vs OFF; recommend OFF)

I think I need to recap my issue, since it has apparently gone off-track. The initial problem I reported was that Webpage links and data entry boxes were not working on ANY sites making working on the Web impossible. At that time, the installed version of Brave was 1.41.96. I later reported that this problem was somehow corrected, I know not how.

In the same posting where I reported the resolution of the first problem, I reported a new problem where tabs for previously visited pages were not being removed even though when I closed Brave I requested that they be closed. In response to this, I was advised to upgrade to 1.41.100. I checked my installation and determined that Brave had somehow been upgraded to that version. It was my error that I reported this by stating “Currently running 1.41.100?” This was meant as a shorthand for since I’m running the recommended version why do I need to update it. My apologies.

Since the original problem has been resolved and the new problem of the tabs of ALL sites visited during a session not being deleted when requested upon exiting Brave, I don’t understand the need to report full URL addresses of sites. This request seems to apply to the original problem.

The toggle suggestions applied to the original problem, so the confusion on my part no longer exists.

So, can we get back to the second problem of visited site tabs not being closed as requested when closing Brave? This is not a critical problem like the original one but only an annoyance.

Thanks for your help and I apologize for any confusion I’ve caused.

D. Eager



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That did it! Thanks so much. Would never have thought to look at that part of Settings.

D. Eager

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