Linking Uphold to Browser being ignored

My problem is the same as the topic on the link below.

My problem is that when doing browser binding to uphold the operation is ignored. I’ll post the screenshots below in order of what happens when I click the “Check wallet” button, a detail, my wallet was already linked, this happened after I updated my browser version “BRAVE”

The first print and when I just click on “Check wallet”

so far so good, now in the second print something has already happened wrong, I will post the print below

The button where the word “Authorize” is found is automatically pressed without having to click.

After that, the screen goes back to the beginning asking to check again, until the icons there disappear (marked in a red rectangle), in an infinite loop, I don’t know how to fix this problem, and I hope some support will help me, and help the rest who have the same problem, thank you!!!

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