Linking to uphold shows maximum account reached bug

As i have noticed we can link only maximum of 4 devices to brave. But after later update we cannot link account to brave due to some error.

I of i have no integrated brave browsers linked to uphold account it still shows the error/

I am facing issue for long time . Some one help me out . feeling really bad for that bug.

@deosaju That’s not a bug. That is stating you have now had 4 devices linked, which is the lifetime limit. When it says device that doesn’t always mean you switched computers or phones, but it does mean you’ve installed the browser multiple times, either on the same device or on others. There is a difference between “install” and “update.”

Check out Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches and make sure you complete the form at the bottom of his comment. You can also message @Mattches, @steeven , or @SaltyBanana for extra help. (pick one and then be patient)

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I think we can unlink my account from uphold so i can add again.?
Now i have submitted my request

I have switched but i thought we can link many account as possible by removing linked account in wallet integration hope i am wrong. thank you

This is very fustrating you can create a brave creator account and connect with uphold wallet . Then you can donate as many as your brave token to that account . But this is against the brave guidelines they may ban your creators account but that is not the issue you can open new one . So last you can donate all of yours coins to i hope they will soon ban their creators acccount too .

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