Linking bookmarks/wallet across devices... Is it possible?

BACKGROUND: I started using Brave before it had a native wallet and thus I use Uphold. I recently got a new computer at work and set up brave. When trying to link Uphold, it says max devices reached (Problem #1). Further the only option I see to import bookmarks is from Chrome (Problem #2). I want to import/link bookmarks from my other brave browsers. Prior to this my Home and Work bookmarks were in sync, I am pretty sure automatically. So…

Q1: Each installation of Brave has it own Wallet and Address, right?

Q2: Is there a way to “Sign In” to my Brave Wallet to link my browsers? i.e. Is there a way to use the same brave wallet for all devices?

Q3: Is there a way to “Sign In” to my Brave Browser and pull in Bookmarks from other devices? i.e. Does Brave store bookmarks somewhere in the cloud much like Chrome allows me to sign in from a new browser (say a friends house) and automatically bring in the bookmarks?

Q4: If I want to continue using Uphold as a wall on Brave, how do I remove old devices from the Uphold Account?


Device limit has been removed, as of May 26, 2022.

Please edit and add to your Original Post (“OP”), above, info about your computing devices and their Brave Browser version numbers, in order for Brave Sync users to get a better picture of:

  • any existing Brave Sync Chain that you have (or had previously) set up

  • any of that, you might set up.


Suggest, that for each of your computing devices, you export - and thereby back up - all of your Bookmarks files. Giving each such backed-up Bookmarks file, a filename indicating its source, date, and time.

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