Linking additional Brave setups to an existing Uphold account / 25 BAT minimum

I’ve got Brave on the desktop which is already linked to an existing Uphold account.

I then have Brave on my mobile and my tablet and would like to link those also to the same, existing account at Uphold.

Right now, this is not easily possible due to the 25 BAT minimum and coupled with the current amount of ads and the rewards paid for ads this would take me more than a year to reach this 25 BAT minimum just to be able to link the additional devices to my existing Uphold account.

I do understand that creating new Uphold accounts is expensive and therefore the 25 BAT limit makes sense but linking to an existing account shouldn’t be that hard, or am I missing something here?

Another negative side-effect for the Brave ecosystem as a whole is the fact, that I will keep all my BATs earned just to reach the 25 BAT minimum instead of distributing them on to other sites / publishers…

So how about lifting that 25 BAT minimum when just linking to an existing Uphold account instead of creating a new account? Would that be a way forward for Brave and its users?

Thanks for considering.