Linked uphold account with brave dev empty

Hello there,

I would like to ask you, if there is some special period to sync brave rewards wallet (DEV version) with uphold? I have successfully linked BRAVE DEV with verified uphold account, but when I open
“Withdraw Funds” my account on uphold is empty



Thank you in advance


@creator22 maybe this one can help answer your question Brave Rewards : User Wallets - A significant update

@eljuno - thanks a lot, seems like the issue 5 fits exactly

Issue 5 (Existing Ad Rewards) - if a Brave user has Ads rewards already claimed, they will not be automatically deposited to their user wallets for the first release. Also, the Ads settlement in August for nightly and developer channel users will not be deposited directly to user wallets. However, all Ads rewards will be deposited directly to user wallets starting September.

I’m not sure if I missed that info there before or post was edited

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