Linked devices issue; no visible BATs

Hey all,

first of all I need to admit that I am impressed by the voluntary approach towards the ads!

I am using Brave on three devices since over a year. I did not check the rewards page since I created all accounts and only now after a year I decied to check my harvest and thats when I realized that two of my devices do not work properly. I will summarize the devices below, as I guess for both not-working ones it may be a different issue. I will just mention that with the devices that do not work properly I am 200% sure that I set everything up in a correct manner.

  1. Phone - here no problems, everything linked as it was - 27BAT withdrawn
  2. Private Computer - here I would not expect as big earnings but… It shows 0 through all the months that I have been using Brave. I know I was getting them for quite some time, but now every month shows 0. Not only that, but the status bar of rewards show that I am disconnected, even though I only have options to “log in to Uphold Wallet” and “disconnect from rewards”. I checked my history on Uphold and it seems that nothing was comming in from the private PC
  3. Work laptop - kind of same issue as private. Also shows that its disconnected, even though there is no option to actually connect the wallet and it seems connected. The even bigger problem here is that I am unable to start the login page for Uphold. This device hurts me most, as being a damn workaholic I am quite sure I would have at least double the harvest from the phone in here.

I would really appreciate some assistance or tips what to do.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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