Linked but says not supported

I have to use Gemini cause of the area I live in and now its saying its not supported but it says on the site USA is supported and it clearly is as it was linked

@DKnightX91 is your passport/ID you used to create your Gemini account from the United States? Or you from another country?

Are you in New York?

Its linked to the USA and yes from NY

And it was working up until Aug 4, 2023 as that was the last payout of BAT I got.

@DKnightX91 Just to try to get info to the right people, can you create a Creators Support Ticket at so they can look into it?

That said, I do know there’s been issues with Gemini. Not only in it being down for Rewards integration, but in lawsuits and all they are dealing with.

If you check you’ll see it says Gemini is temporarily unavailable. .

And two articles on lawsuits from New York, if you’ve been unaware:

But they’ve been making changes in a lot of places. Including how Gemini recently pulled back support for most crypto in Canada, such as you can see in link below:

Long and short of the above is I have no idea if those things might be impacting. Typically you’d get the notice it’s not supported because your passport is from a different country or you’re not supported. If everything on your Gemini account is from USA and always been USA, then it is odd if it shows not supported.

Other thing to stress though is we’ve had plenty of times where people say things like, “Oh, I was in Canada when I created my account, but now I live in United States. I submitted change of address.”

If that’s you at all, do note that change of address isn’t good enough. They have to update your passport or whatever, as this is what the API uses to communicate with Brave on whichever country you’re from.

Assuming none of that is an issue, pretty much is all about that support ticket and seeing if teams can figure out what’s going on. But as stated just above, Gemini been having all sorts of issues…

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