LinkBubble query


Outstanding case no: 7770

Hi, I never received a response to my query with the above case no - Can you advise please?

Also, is it a prerequisite to have Brave installed ono Android for Link Bubble to work? This was never the case before your ownership.

Keep the app independent without any need for integration.




Hi @ahmed,

Brave for Android is not a prerequisite to be installed to allow for Link Bubble to work. Also Link Bubble is not on support now. Regarding the case#7770, there was a refund back in 2015 for several months, but we don’t do that anymore.

Hope that helps.



Well when I tried to use it, I found I had to.

Regarding the refund. As a paying customer, I never received any correspondence of a refund. Can I be reimbursed for that reason, please?


@sriram can you advise on the above?


@ahmed As informed before currently there is no refund process in place as it has been stopped. It was only available during 2015 for few months.


@sriram, I assure you, I never received no correspondence whatsoever! I am agrieved by this and would like the money back. This is not fair on my initial custom.

I am also angry at the delay in my initial email correspondence and no reply being received of my case.


We are not offering refunds, we don’t even have the ability to do so with transactions made before we acquired Link Bubble. This product is no longer being developed or supported by Brave.

You can download and use any version of the product you purchased here:

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