Link uphold wallet to Brave search engine

a cordial greeting
I have not been able to link my uphold portfolio, as long as I skip the 1 step and reach the third step for those who do not have a portfolio, I, due to ignorance, perform the wrong operation; Now I can’t go back to the first step of uphold to link the portfolio that I have in uphold. please help.

Thank you for reaching out – would you mind elaborating a bit on the issue? Specifically the steps you’ve taken so far to connect your Uphold account to your browser wallet?

1.Download the Brave system.
2. set to receive reward per ad

  1. I clipped the option that says are you ready to verify Wallet? and I do it later I get the screen sent in this email. and give me no more options, send an email to uphold, but they tell me that this incident must be resolved with Brave.

So do you have a verified Uphold account at this time?

if right. I have a verified account.

I’m unable to withdraw bat to my uphold. Brave recognizes me, offers me to wthdraw, and uphold recognizes the bat token card I created there. Here is my topic post- hoping for support from Brave since Uphold passes it over to you.

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