Link to gemini on fresh install


I did a fresh install on my macbook, now i have so much space… i cannot fond a way to relink my brave reward to gemini, it just says “currently not available in your region”

i see this seems to be an issue that comes and goes… any idea when i can relink my brave rewards?

I see thereare some post from about 20 days ago that said it would be sorted within the week… any update?
I’m runing mac osx monteray

No vpn

rewards profile was originally connected i would guess a year or two ago

Im in the UK

@dsandoreo as said at PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down) it remains down for any new connections. Only those whose current iteration of Brave had been connected would be able to reconnect. Since you did a fresh install, it would see you as a new user. Therefore you’d be unable to connect.

As to ETA on changes, there doesn’t seem to be anything.

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