Link problems that don't respond correctly


I’ve noticed when I’m on a website that has several links to click on like this:




When I click the top link it will response that if I clicked on the third link instead. Sometimes when I click on a link it won’t respond at all. I’ve tried other browsers I have and don’t have any trouble with this. Only the Brave Browser gives me this problem.


No response other than by two individuals giving me questionable links. Is that how things work at Brave? You tell us through app stores to join the community to tell bug reports and ideas to give but you can’t even consider to listen to what we have to say. To me, that says a lot about this company.


Hi @pboverdrive,

I’m sorry for late response. And thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile:
Can you give more info about your issue? Steps to reproduce, screenshot or record of the issue, example sites, Brave version and your OS will extremely helpful.

Also cc @Mattches for additional help.
Thank you,


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