Link my rewards to an other uphold account

*Hi community .I want to link my rewards to an other uphold account because i don’t remember the email adress i’ve given and i can’t access to my brave rewards.I thank you for the help.

Is your rewards already linked to an Uphold account ?
If yes, then you will have to disconnect that account.
Do this by clicking on the Triangle BAT icon on the search bar, when it shows the reward summary, Click on verified on the top left of the rewards menu, you will get an option to disconnect, click that and your current Uphold account will disconnect.
Then you should do the same things to connect to Uphold again.

Once disconnected, you won’t be able to reconnect again if you aren’t in one of the regions listed on the page below →

That is because only regions mentioned on that page can currently connect/reconnect to Uphold/Gemini.

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