Link my account to brave browser on new laptop

how to link my brave account to brave browser on my new laptop

Okay. Please enlighten us about what you exactly want to link ? Brave rewards ? or just sync the brave browser to the old laptop.
For rewards β†’
Click on the BAT triangle and click on Connect, you’ll see Uphold and Gemini as options and you can login and connect if from regions listed at the below. Do note, Gemini connections for new devices is still down.

For Sync β†’ go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup
Go to the above on the old laptop, and click on add new device β†’ Select computer β†’ It will show a phrase β†’ Go on the new laptop and open brave://settings/braveSync/setup
β†’ Click on β€˜I have a sync code’ β†’ enter the sync code displayed on the old device β†’ Make sure to check the data preferences to allow or deny certain data types to sync

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