Link followed in Brave and then posted to FB triggers cert warning

I have Brave set to follow links included in mail. Works great. The link in question is The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Software Analytics

Link opens in Brave all is well. Copy the address bar contents into a FB post. After the post is made, if you follow the link from FB, a cert error is triggered.

If I paste the same email link into Chrome, it works as expected. Posting Chrome’s address bar content into FB does NOT trigger the cert warning.

The link as pasted from Chrome:

The link as pasted from Brave:

sorry about this, a new pdf viewer is being tested in the dev & nightly channels it would soon make its way to the final release version. this pdf reader is inbuilt like the one on google chrome not this a chrome extension like the current release version. brave has gone from PDF.js in favor of using PDFium. this pdf reader is yet to be ported over to beta version so please be on the look out for its release. sorry about the current error.

No worries… just like to report the only problem I’ve seen in Brave since I’ve started using it last weekend.

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Thanks for the heads up! I’m wondering if it has something to do with the Social Media login settings in Brave. You may want to try copy/pasting the link while the Facebook socials/embeds option is set to “off”

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