Link doesn't work in TD Ameritrade, cannot open Fidelity Investments

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**2 issues - 1: a link in my portfolio of TD Ameritrade does not work. It gives me this “Requests by the server have been blocked by an extension.” 2: I cannot sign in to my Fidelity Investments website, although it works in Chrome.

**How can this issue be reproduced?**For TD Ameritrade:

1.log in to your account
2.go to “My Account” “Positions”
3. see the list of holdings. Click on the bond cusip# link.

Expected result:
The stock holding symbols can be clicked on and you will be sent to that holding’s page. The BOND holding cusip should also be clickable, but when clicked on, it tells me that requests by the server have been blocked by an extension.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.19.90 Chromium: 88.0.4324.146 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Mobile Device details
MS Surface Pro4

Additional Information:
This works fine in Chrome

Issue #2 - Cannot sign in to
How to reproduce this? Go to Try to sign in to your account.
Expected result? I should be able to log in, lol.
What actually happens? I get this “We’re sorry. There was a technical issue.” along with this: “Reference Error: 18.5cf86668.1612647486.57794fae”
Mobile Device? MS Surface Pro4

You may get more useful replies if you move or repost this otherwise good report into the desktop support category. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs Windows, and this Mobile Support category is for Android and iOS.

In the meantime, I cannot reproduce your problem with TD Ameritrade using Brave 1.20.103/Linux. When I click on any holding’s symbol I am taken to that holding’s page. I should note that I deactivated Brave Shields for TD Ameritrade long ago for reasons I no longer remember, but when I see a message along the lines of “requests by the server have been blocked by an extension” I find that deactivating Brave Shields often resolves the problem. So give that a try if you haven’t already and let us know if it works.

I don’t have an account with Fidelity so I am unable to reproduce your report there.

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