Link by stripe in Brave wallet purchase link not working

It appears the actual purchase link from link by stripe when purchasing crypto is no longer available/clickable? the other crypto options such as ramp and sardine still work. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Emerge, I verified that the link only works when the purchase amount is not “0”. and will not open if the amount is not set. Could you try again by first entering a purchase amount?

I have logged an issue to validate the purchase amount before proceeding to vendor selection.

hey Josh no this isnt the issue, the issue is on the brave://wallet/crypto/fund-wallet/purchase/USD/ , then after you select your preferred crypto of choice you get a screen where you are suppose to be able to click on “Buy with Link” except the link doesnt work in the brave browser. Its the only link that doesnt work the remaining links do work fine such as “buy with ramp” etc.

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