Lingualeo English Translator


Hi there! I’m from Russia, and i obviously learn English. I don’t know how many Russians and whose who learn Russian language uses Brave Browser. But of wide range of RU-EN(and vice versa) translators, only this one is the most correct than others. It’s because correct (and sometimes explicit) translations were written by real humans. For example, Google (and other) Translators won’t translate some acronyms, slang and etc. It really unique.

I wanted to find mobile app that similar to this extension, but in vain. In result, i wrote telegram bot that uses same api as browser extension. (If accidentally someone will be interested: @human_translator_bot)

Another thing is that extension is quite old. It has not been updated 3 years. Firefox not able to run it (until you fix it by your own), but with Chrome works fine. (it’s nice, because Brave works under Blink engine?)

Some features

Sorry if i made a mistakes or/and forgot add some information. Thank you!