Limited numbers of registration with Uphold

I use Brave in my Phone and PC and I linked my Uphold wallet in them, but a long ago unintentionally Brave got uninstalled in my phone, I downloaded it and again registered with Uphold. But recently HDD crashed, and I replaced with SSD, installed Brave again but not able to register with Uphold as it is showing limit exceeded.
This is really a bad idea of limiting.
I am not only the one who is facing this issue but many also for a long time and many have raised this issue earlier as well but still no solution. I don’t know why brave is so rigid for this particular one.

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@rahul99 They have already announced they are working on expanding or eliminating the limit in the future. In the meanwhile, you can learn what to do by visiting

Or if you want to skip that, direct link is Wallet unlinking request form

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In this case, what to put in "Custodian member ID or Uphold member ID" as it is required field can’t be left empty?

no, you are required to fill it

So what should I fill in that quoted scenario, that’s what my question was.

@rahul99 As it states, let them know if there’s a particular wallet you need removed or if they can remove ANY wallet. If you communicate you are unsure, they will look for what seems to be a “stale” wallet with no activity or balance just so they can free up a space for your current one you are trying to create and use.

I completely understood you, but I am asking about what should I put in Custodian member ID or Uphold member ID field, as it can’t be left empty if I am not wrong.

And if I am leaving it blank,

it is showing this

Oh, so like you said you’re registered with Uphold, right? So provide your Uphold ID. I’m not sure if this link will work for you, but

Essentially login to Uphold, Click on the circle with 3 dots on it to open menu, then go to Profile. You’ll see where it lists your name, date of birth, etc. Then underneath your email address it will mention “Uphold ID” and give a long code. You will put that code in the box for them so they can see what’s linked to it.

If that link works it might just take you straight to that page with the information, but obviously you’ll need to be signed in for that to work.

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Got it, this was indeed helpful.
Thank you so much :kissing_heart:

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