Limited Functionality Error

In addition to the noted display error for my Rewards, I am also receiving a notice of limited functionality. When I click on the Learn More button, I am taken to my Uphold account where everything looks normal. There is no further notice of limited functionality.

I’m on Brave Version 1.36.87 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) beta (x86_64)

This might help:

Like I said in the OP, the Upload looks entirely normal. There are no prompts for any new information. My account has been verified with CDD/KYC for like two years now. So, I am not new to them at all.

This is in addition to Brave displaying the incorrect amount of BAT in my wallet. Upload still displays the correct amount.

Correct, because that notification is saying they are limiting access to your Uphold account from the Brave browser because they are requiring additional information from you. I’m not sure what’s going on. Do me a favor and walk me through this a bit so I can have a better understanding.,

  • Prior to you seeing this message come up, are you saying this device had already been verified with Uphold and working? Or did you connect it to a new device and this is occurring during your Verify process?

  • From brave://rewards/ does it show you signed into Uphold? If so, can you Log out from Uphold and then try to log back in?

  • Where is the Error message displaying?

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