Limited access to Brave Browser as Shortcut Icon isn't installed on Android Desktop/Screen following installation


Hi All, I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but… well the title says it all really! I’ve installed & uninstalled Brave 4 times now, but still there is no icon that I can use to launch & access Brave from. I’ve looked on the community FAQ’s, etc & googled the problem, but nothing has shown up, so hoping someone here can help?

Thanks in anticipation of a really easy, obvious solution that will make me look a right simpleton!


Hi @pjb,

Is this for desktop or mobile (Android)? cc @LaurenWags.



This is for mobile Android.



OK. Obviously not a common issue or no one willing to divulge how I get a Brave icon on my screen that I can use to access the app. So, 2 more days with no solution & I uninstall, find another browser & give up for good on Brave.

Shame, as it so appeared to fit the bill.

Cheers & bye to all!


Hi @pjb

Apologies for the delayed reply, unfortunately last week there were holidays in Canada and the US so some staff was out of the office.

Where were you installing Brave from? If you were using GitHub it is known that an icon is not put on the homescreen automatically but you should be able to add one. If you install from the Google Play Store, an icon is added to your homescreen automatically.



Hi Lauren,

  Many thanks for getting back to me & apologies if I seemed

impatient. Frustrated maybe, as I have installed & uninstalled
Brave 4 times now & the only way I can use it is via 'settings

  • apps - downloaded’. To be honest, I can’t recall if I downloaded
    from the Play Store every time, but for sure at least once I did;
    maybe more than once. On the basis of what you have told me
    though, I will uninstall & try once more to get a complete
    installation via the Play Store.

Fingers crossed; maybe 5th time lucky!