Limited access to Brave Browser as Shortcut Icon isn't installed on Android Desktop/Screen following installation


Hi All, I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but… well the title says it all really! I’ve installed & uninstalled Brave 4 times now, but still there is no icon that I can use to launch & access Brave from. I’ve looked on the community FAQ’s, etc & googled the problem, but nothing has shown up, so hoping someone here can help?

Thanks in anticipation of a really easy, obvious solution that will make me look a right simpleton!


Hi @pjb,

Is this for desktop or mobile (Android)? cc @LaurenWags.



This is for mobile Android.



OK. Obviously not a common issue or no one willing to divulge how I get a Brave icon on my screen that I can use to access the app. So, 2 more days with no solution & I uninstall, find another browser & give up for good on Brave.

Shame, as it so appeared to fit the bill.

Cheers & bye to all!


Hi @pjb

Apologies for the delayed reply, unfortunately last week there were holidays in Canada and the US so some staff was out of the office.

Where were you installing Brave from? If you were using GitHub it is known that an icon is not put on the homescreen automatically but you should be able to add one. If you install from the Google Play Store, an icon is added to your homescreen automatically.



Hi Lauren,

  Many thanks for getting back to me & apologies if I seemed

impatient. Frustrated maybe, as I have installed & uninstalled
Brave 4 times now & the only way I can use it is via 'settings

  • apps - downloaded’. To be honest, I can’t recall if I downloaded
    from the Play Store every time, but for sure at least once I did;
    maybe more than once. On the basis of what you have told me
    though, I will uninstall & try once more to get a complete
    installation via the Play Store.

Fingers crossed; maybe 5th time lucky!




Hi Lauren,

Just to let you know that I have tried twice to download Brave via the Google Playstore & both times I never got a Homescreen Icon. From what I’ve seen of Brave, it seems a top app, but for now, I think I have to make another selection, as I would really prefer to have the convenience of being able to run my browser via my Homescreen.

Best Regards,



Hi @pjb

Thanks for reporting back, I’m sorry to hear you’re still not seeing the desired results. What kind of device do you have and what is your Android version? I’d like to see if I can find someone internally to see if they are also experiencing this so we can track it down.

Also, is manually adding a shortcut on your home screen an option?



Hi Lauren,

You don’t give up do ya!? Which is to be admired, cos I hate being beat by stuff that I can’t fathom out!

My phone is a generic Chinese Job; a Leagoo Alfa 5. Got it about 2-3 years ago, so it’s probably ‘old hat’ by now. It’s running Android 5.1, so probably also way out of date, etc. As for manually adding a shortcut; ummmmmmm, sorry but I wouldn’t know how to even try that one! That said, I’ve made a habit of learning how to do stuff by making lots of mistakes, so if you’re up to telling me how the hell it’s done, then I am game!

Gotta ask; you mentioned about recent holidays in Canada & USA, so where are you based?

Best Regards,



Hi @pjb

Give up?!?! No! Never give up, never surrender! ( in case you’re interested in what plays in my head when I say that :laughing:)

Anyhow, I digress. On most of the Android models I’ve worked with you can open up the apps screen, long press on an icon, and then one of a couple things might happen:

  • you might get a popup asking if you want to add a shortcut for this app to the home screen
  • if you long press for a little longer sometimes the home screen appears and you can drag and drop the icon to where you want it to be

Also, I did a little bit of poking on the interwebs and found this -

Seems like it might be the instruction manual for this device. While the images of the actual manual aren’t searchable, there is some searchable text below the images. That’s where I saw a little blurb about adding shortcuts. Since I’m not familiar with your model it doesn’t mean much to me, but maybe it would mean something to you:

“Add a shortcut to the desktop
Slide it to the edit control page,choose the add option , The Add screen, click
the application icon you want to the target page”

Not sure if you’d be able to use those directions to get a shortcut to your home screen.

That’s all I’ve got it my bag of tricks for the moment. If you get the chance to try any of the above out let me know how it goes!



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