Limit link to account Uphold

Hello, I have several computers, if I understand correctly, since May 2002, I have the right to connect 9 computers with the Brave browser with a single Uphold account ?

iirc there is no hard limit, but adding a lot could possibly get you flagged and investigated for potential abuse of the system.

Thank you for the answer, yes it is normal, do not abuse it. I’ll try with my 9 computers, we’ll see. Have a good day.

As @lowner said, there’s no official limit. That said, it does monitor activity and if you’re doing it to abuse the Rewards system, can get yourself in trouble. It uses a bit of a logic puzzle.

For example, you going from 0 accounts to 9 accounts might raise a flag. Having all of them active on the same network also might be suspicious. Add in how often each device is used and if it looks like you’re trying to “mine” or “farm” BAT and you’ll be suspended/flagged.

Brave is for normal/casual use only.

Yes indeed it seems logical, never abuse it is useless…

Yeah, sorry. I left out one thing. There is still an unofficial device limit. Some people hit it. The number varies. Some saw at 12, other 14, some at 17, etc. It basically looks to see how fast they were added and if it seems like it’s “logical” usage or just someone trying to farm.

An example of this is The device limit has been reached

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