Limit 4 devices & unlinking devices

In regards to the de-linking devices page.

I have several desktop PCs i use (3) that are replaced in rotation every other year, and my job requires me to carry two phones which are replaced every other year. Aside from creating multiple wallets whenever upgrade my devices what can I do to self manage the device limit because a single removal in a lifetime doesn’t cut it.

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They are permanently removing this. Soon, you can unlink your devices on your own. There will be a 4/5 device limit, but the unlinking process control will be given tobuser.

This feature currently is in beta and in testing. Approximately in april it may become available in stable release.

Search previous posts via the search bar and you will find relevant info about it.

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Thank you, I couldn’t find anything but i’ll refine my search

Brave GitHub project. Can track progress.

Also, per comments of Mar 9:

This change is currently code-complete. However, actual release date (which won’t be tied to a Brave release #, since it’s back-end work), will depend on how testing goes, which is starting up now.

I renamed this issue to something more general, because we are no longer providing an interface to manage linking slots, given that linking limits will not exist anymore. I am leaving it here even though most work is happening on the back-end, just to keep visibility on this issue.

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