Liking this but need some help on a couple of things


So far I like this browser but some issues and help needed.

  1. How can I enable a classic menu bar above?
  2. My browser keeps popping over to the second monitor, it’s driving me crazy, can I set it up to stay on my main monitor?
  3. Any way to edit the main address bar as there are these very large gaps. I’d rather have a proper search bar in there rather than these weird gaps.


Not sure about the first two points, but on the third, and if I’m understanding you correctly, there is an option in ‘Settings’ under ‘Appearance’ to use a wide location bar.

Thank you! Hope there is a fix for the menu and hopefully the popping to the next screen. Not happened since I got home but only have had the browser up for a few minutes.

So I think I know where this popping to the other monitor behavior is coming from. If I use my Middle Mouse/Scroll button/wheel it will do that. So this is no acceptable to me. Even if I use the middle button to close a tab sometimes the browser will pop over to the other monitor and NOT close the tab. Very annoying!

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