Like the new tab look.. really cool... thanks team


The new tab look is refined and looks really cool in comparison to the old look.

Thanks Brave team for constantly improving the browser.

  • Nellaiseemai


Make sure you try resizing the window with NTP open - resizing effect is a nice touch!
Credit to @rossmoody on design team


Chiming in and agreeing, the new tab page looks a lot better now! :+1:t2:


Bah! So happy to hear this is going over well and thanks everyone for saying so. Made my day. Also, just to be ahead of the curve, we have plans in the works to make the NTP a more pleasant experience to use (including much requested features involving the ability to hide/replace background images) but this update was to address polish and responsiveness only. Any new ideas are welcome.


Mine is different. Version 0.58.21. Did I miss something?


PS: sounds a Beta one, right?