Like it except for TOR (and slow Qwant)

Hi, I like Brave very much. I use it to see no Google doodles. Although, Qwant is very slow. I have begun going to when I want to search the web. The Qwant results are quite okay, informative, not perfect of course.

But I’m rethinking my decision to use Brave. I think I could switch to Chrome or else, and it would be because of TOR, which is included in Brave as a possibility. I’m not interested in having TOR related code on my computer. Or to say it in other words, I’m not interested in a product that can be used by others for reasons that I don’t need it for, in this case. I would say, it’s for minimalism hygiene.

My post is meant as a request for a TOR free version of brave, but nothing urgent at all. I’m thinking that it is not important now to make a TOR free version. I believe most people are not concerned in what forensic group so to speak they belong, what code they download or not.

I’m in no way arguing against TOR itself when people need it. I just want to say, in case you have considered creating a TOR free version, I’d be interested in that. I don’t want to answer why exactly I would not want TOR code on my computer. All I can say is: I have been staying away from it (technically, before I started using Brave). So for the sole reason of having a different web search experience (and maybe better ad blocking), TOR would be too much of drawback for me in the long run.

Best regards