LiChess puzzle page doesn't seem to work


Every once in a while, I like to play chess online … and to do that, I go to

Today, while trying to solve one of the puzzles, I noticed that as soon as I moved a piece, the site would display the “Reconnecting” symbol – which ordinarily would be moving, but it wasn’t today; it just sat there.

I don’t know if the site uses Flash, but I just updated the version of Flash I have on my system yesterday, so that should be okay (I was able to use the referenced site at that homestarrunner site).

If you have any techs that play chess, have them try the “Chess TV” link – – which should allow them to view an in-progress game. When I try to do that with Brave, I get that “reconnecting” message – which, during a game of speed chess, makes me not able to see what’s going on between refreshes.

Well. Hope you can figure out what’s wrong! I use that site every day.



Hey, I am having the same issue on! I thought it was lichess and even posted something on their forum. I then tried using lichess in chrome and on my iphone app and it worked fine. I really hope Brave can figure the issue out. If I remember correctly, lichess worked fine before the most recent Brave update. Is that when you started having the issue? I would hate to have to go back to chrome only because one of the only sites (lichess) with NO ads or trackers wont work on Brave. Talk about irony!


Ha ha ha! Yes, that would be irony!

On my system, I have six web browsers: Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. When I discover an issue with one, I move to another one for a few weeks in the hopes that whatever the issue was, it would be fixed with the next update.

I don’t use Chrome very often these days; not sure why, though. Most likely because of the lack of updates.

As far as LiChess goes, I suppose I could use one of my other computers …


Hi, the similar issue have been fixed on WebSockets connection issue on Bitfinex and pinned tab issue. Will you please check on the next release if the issue was fixed? thanks.

On does not play voice message and audio files!

Sure. When will the next release be?