Liberal bias sources in Brave News Feed

The option to add sources does not work on my android browser. The only options for my feed are left leaning with a few RINO sources sprinkled in.

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How so? I see the Add source button.

Then you’d just type in their URL. This needs to be a RSS feed last I’ve known. But it’s there. What you may need to do is contact some of the places you would like to see News from and see if they have RSS feeds. If not, might be the answer to your problem.

The internet itself is mostly liberal stuff. I guess libs have the time to spend on the internet. So, I won’t be surprised.

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Breitbart is labelled by Wikipedia as “far right” and New York Post is labelled as “conservative”. Are these what you refer to as “RINO”?

I don’t understand. Corporate news outlets are liberal? In what way?

Edit: I forgot to ask, how should Breitbart be categorized? What is an example of a more right wing source and what would be an example of a source you would say is very leftist?

Reported for harassment.

I think it was planned. Propaganda is a very effective and easy way to spread your views. I think it started with Facebook and other Big Tech monopolies.

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@Cookie23 (and really everyone)
Going to close this thread as it very quickly devolved into bickering/nonsense.

@Saoiray gave you an exact way to add your own sources to Brave News above. If you do not know how to use this feature and need assistance, please open another thread and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you