Leveraging Design to Grow the Top of Funnel

Create non-disruptive experiences that remind the user of the benefit they receive by using the brave mobile app by 1) updating dashboard statistics to align with value prop 2) including updated statistics on the “switch tabs” page 3) show value and build brand loyalty by using blank space caused by blocked ads

Thinking about top of funnel growth it seems to me Brave continues to have an opportunity to leverage design to deliver an even more delightful experience that will motivate organic peer-to-peer sharing (especially necessary to move further along the the adoption/innovation curve). I’ll limit this post to a few opportunities that I perceive exist for the mobile app. *note - From my perspective I’m not trying to push the team to introduce heavyweight gamification principles, I see the ideas I’ve included as lightweight reminders.

  1. Update Dashboard Stats
    I would argue that for a huge percentage of users the most valuable benefit of the Brave mobile app is extending the life of their data plans (privacy and time are important, but secondary when paying for data). While all Brave marketing I’ve encountered communicates this benefit (including the description in the app store), the experience does not fully do so. I would argue there is an opportunity to include a statistic on the dashboard about data saved alongside existing statistics. Even if it is impossible to deliver a precise statistic (whether because we can’t tell a user is on wifi, or how large the ad was that was blocked), providing a rough estimate (and being transparent that it is an estimate) would be a powerful way to remind the user we’re delivering on the value prop. This, in turn, could lead to that peer-to-peer sharing and build the top of funnel (e.g. “you have to download brave, I used 500 mb less data on my phone plan this month!”)

  2. Include Stats on “Switch Tabs”
    *Note - This is embarrassingly self-referential, but without the ability to gain access to the quant stats I’m going to assume that at least a meaningful % of mobile app users exhibit the same behavior.
    I rarely use the new tab functionality. Without knowing for certain, my conservative guess is that I use “Switch Tabs” at least five times more often than new tab. And yet, dashboard statistics are not included on “Switch Tabs”. It seems that we can remind users of the value they’re receiving with greater frequency, without sacrificing usability of the page, by adding stats to “switch tabs”. (I have an image to include but as a new user I’m only allowed one.)

  3. Show Value when blocking ads
    Blocked ads represent a yet unrealized opportunity. Currently they are commonly open white space, or identified with “Ad”. I don’t understand the eng challenges here, but rendering a Brave logo atop this whitespace could build a connection to the brand and be a very lightweight reminder that user just benefited. I initially explored adding content, e.g. “1 More Ad Blocked” but found the mocks to be a bit heavyhanded.

Thanks for considering!

These are some really novel ideas! Some of this will play out differently now that we’re not on Muon.

There’s a really good point to be made here about what would otherwise be called ‘Service Evidence’ though! I am certain we can do more to show folks how we’re making browsing better.