Let's write a privacy guide together

Many times I have tried to write my own privacy guide and now I really know what I want to see when it will be done: I will write short and simple notes (just two paragraphs: problem and possible solution) and then I’ll just add simple and clear picture to attract attention.

Usually I wrote in English and Russian, but now I need to be sure that the text is correct and there are no mistakes. That’s why I need help with translation. Fortunately, I know people who can help: when the text is written I show it to some friends who don’t care about their privacy. If they have no questions, I translate it into English and send it to someone who speak English as native language and can check mistakes. And then I send the text to other translators around the world and they translate it into their native languages.

Now I see that one translator for each language is not enough. Sometimes they just has no time and we have to wait for translations just because we try to publish a note at least in 3 languages. We really need more translators to work faster. For English too.

For the first publications we use English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Russian, but then we lost several translators and now we really need more! If you want to help us to spread privacy and you have time to translate about 2-4 short paragraphs per week, let me know. Together we can make something you can show your grandma!

  • Instagram (English by devault and translations in comments)
  • Facebook (your native language and English for other users)
  • VK (Russian only)

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