Let's group tabs, contextualise windows and link them to bookmark folders


I’d like to be able to contextualise bookmark saving, but take this further and make this context more visible and have this context visible in the title bar, and subsequently, in the dock, especially when you right-click to see the list of app windows.

In more detail:
It’s be neat to be able to associate tabs in a window with a group folder name, and for this group name to appear leftmost next to a URL when a URL/TAB appears in a given window. Probably there’s more thinking to do in fleshing out this feature – like perhaps saving a bookmark automatically goes to a given “group” folder.

This means the group name would be visible in the title bar when you look at it in the dock.

It’s like being able to browse with active sets of tabs that belong to a topic – it might be a research topic, for example, and you are jumping between main ideas.

Currently, I do this with three or four active windows, but it can be tricky working out which window you are looking at with URL conventions being what they are – like say a random blog post on medium that happens to be very relevant to a topic, may not jog your memory of what that particular group of tabs was about if you come back to it in a few hours time.


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