Let users deactivate google as an option for search


In brave settings, users can select which search engine options are displayed above the keyboard when they search, but currently users cannot set google search to not display like the others. I would like to migrate away from using google entirely, but I am tempted to use it as a “quick result”. Please allow us to turn it off so that we can TOTALLY choose the options we want displayed. I want freedom from “the google empire” and I’m sure others do too. Thanks!


You can achieve it by changing default search engine for both Normal/Private tabs and the disable Google quick search engine like this

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Seems I can’t. Is there an update?


@Vortex Change the default search engine from google to any search engine works on 1.7.1 ( and 1.7.2 brave builds .On which version are you trying to change the search engin settings?


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