Let me permanently hide download bar


Just a quick suggestion to add some feature whereby the download bar doesn’t pop up after every download. As it is the options are “Clear Completed Downloads” and “Hide Menu Bar”. I’d like to be able to just turn it off so it doesn’t pop up and obscure the bottom of the screen when I download something.

I just started using Brave yesterday but I did use the search function here and didn’t find anything like this.

Getting rid of the Download Bar
Download pop-up bar at bottom of screen
Getting rid of the Download Bar

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Just a quick question. Are other browsers have this feature/option?
And I also open an issue for your request. Here:

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If I remember correctly Internet Explorer/Edge auto-hides the download bar once the download is completed and Firefox doesn’t use a download bar at all, they have an icon in the menu bar and the download menu remains hidden unless you open it manually.


The option will be implemented with https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/pull/11547


Getting rid of the Download Bar
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