Less rewards for january payout

So i had to reset my PC last month on 15th, i started brave rewards again on 16th, but since many users told that if i start using brave rewards somewhere in the midway of any month, i would receive the payout in next months payout cycle, but i received it immediately.

Not sure if its my jan payout or its the occasional bat tokens which brave provides sometimes, because my jan rewards were 2.1Bat, but i received exactly 2.0 Bat and it says your january rewards are here…

Can someone clear me this point.?


What did you see where you mention it should be 2.1? The reason I ask is if you were going by the estimated rewards, then that is not always accurate for a few reasons. The primary is let’s say you saw ads on January 31. The browser will say you saw them but it doesn’t resolve through Brave until February 2. The BAT from those ads would appear to be lost, but then it would appear in the next cycle (though not included in the estimated payout).

It said your 2.1 bat will be arriving in 1 day, then yesterday it said keep an eye out on rewards and check the status.
I received similar free tokens in January too, apart from my December payout from pc.
So not sure what exactly it is

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