Less payout of Brave rewards

Briefly describe your issue: I have total of 21.138BAT in my Brave Rewards section, and I recently linked Zebpay to the account, but got only the total of 0.637513BAT in the Zebpay wallet.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Version 1.61.109 Chromium: 120.0.6099.144

Who is your verified custodian? Zebpay

Are you in a supported region? Yes (India)

@Jacalz sir kindly help

I’m sorry man but I haven’t been active on the forum for years. Please don’t tag me :confused:

Sir, may you tag some other active moderator (if you are known to one).

Sorry. I have no idea who’s still active

When did you link?

The deadline to connect vBAT ended on November 2nd. vBAT is longer considered valid, and will be removed from the Brave Rewards experience. This means that even if you’re on an old version of Brave that still shows a vBAT balance, that vBAT can no longer be redeemed after the deadline.

If you still have concerns please submit an issue to us here: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=1900000382047


I didn’t remember when I linked, but I am sure it was after the 1st of December, as till the 2nd of November, all methods of withdrawal in India were unsupported.

ZebPay has been available for India since September. Thank you for clarifying!

I was checking for it regularly, sir! There was no ZebPay listed to me.

You would have needed to be on Brave version 1.58x or later for it to show up. If recently connected, you will see payouts moving forward. Thanks again!

Thank, sir! But I still remember that I keep it fully updated 24*7.

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