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Every time from the beginning of using Brave, I always saw the Earning section was a lot more BAT (i got like 6 BAT in the beginning of the month) And I always got my Earning section divided by 3 rounded to 0 at the end. And also I got the issue where I waited all month for my rewards to come to me because I failed bot check. Edit: I’ve been using Brave for approx. 6 months. I never withdrawn my balance because of Gemini passport verification.

Hi, to the brave community. I am using brave from last 3-4 month on my mobile and my laptop as well
Since then I am facing problem on both of them
In Laptop :- I am not receiving NOTIFICATIONS of ADs on Laptop from the day 1 when I installed it.
Mobile was working fine earlier, But now my earnings have stopped from past 1 month.
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it ?
And yes I cannot Reinstall the application as my region is not supported to connect it with Uphold.

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Please be sure that you are using the most current version of Brave browser; 1.40.113. I know they had an update just recently, and others were experiencing some issues related to rewards until they completed the newest update. Try clearing the cache also, if you have not. Check your devices to make sure that they are still set to display notifications from Brave, also make sure no “power settings” are accidently switched on. This could prevent a device from displaying notifications even if the device is set TO display them.
These suggestions are widely known but I wanted to mention them, just in case. I hope things sort out soon! :pray:

Hey, for the Desktop notifications, check that you aren’t using DND (Do Not Disturb). Clear cache if that isn’t working. Turn on notifications for Brave Browser

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I’ve been getting lower BAT than estimated for several months now. Didn’t bother screenshotting before because I heard things would get fixed, but the BATs never came. This is my payout for last month (2.397 estimated versus 1.25 received).

How do they manage to have more than 10 bats a month… I get excited doing .2 to 2 a month :cry:

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