🆘 Less earnings July

For 12 BATs he has, it might be like 1000-1500 ads, they could even retry for 2 days…

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I’ve built up 10 BATs for 3 months now, previous pyments were around 50% and now it’s more like 2%. I haven’t changed my browsing hours, browsing time or habits.
The problem is elsewhere, or if it is dependend on the time for reconcilation - then they should change how it’s being handled.
The moment they say the BATs are lost and won’t be transferred i’m out of this crap

My theory is the ads don’t get reconciled because there aren’t any funds left in a given ad campaign to pay out. I suspect they just kept showing people ads even after that happens.

The reason I think there’s a pool of funds for a given ad is because advertisers have budgets. They aren’t going to make a deal where they have to pay out a potentially unlimited amount of money. So they pay x $ for y ads. That’s the pool for reconciling ads.

Just my theory.

They tend to even shutdown campaigns during them so it’s not the case they don’t have money anymore. Just server confirmations lags and if there are “bad” ads that are rolled over browser may be stuck for some time.

Oh, I’m sure they have money and BAT. But the pool for a campaign gets exhausted because enough people have viewed ads to exhaust it. Where does the money (BAT) come from to pay after that happens?

Again, just my theory. I’m sure there are other problems.

No idea, they probably have it written in some docs :smiley:
Yeah its fine.

Well tbf they should pay out to the ones thst haven’t received their BATs previously. All of us affected should be first in line for it, but it doesn’t look like it.

And other than that: it’s a scmy move to shoe me an ad and not payout a small fee for it. That was the basis for the BAT project and now the foundations look shaky

I don’t know for a fact my theory is correct. I just need to make that clear. I don’t want people thinking it’s a fact and start accusing Brave of something that’s not proven.

Hi everyone, welcome to Community.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please be reassured that we hear your concerns and take your feedback seriously. Our team is aware of this issue and are working to resolve the matter.

At this moment, we can expect this will be resolved for the next payout cycle.
We ask that you continue to use the browser and keep it active around the payout cycle to ensure that your Ads are reconciled in time.

Thank you for your patience while we work to have this issue addressed.

You are welcomed to submit a Rewards Support ticket of Brave Support to investigate further.

That sounds familiar. Why should we believe it this time? And what, specifically will be resolved? Will all the rolled over earnings for the past 4 months be paid out?

You are right about pools, but not about the lack of funds. When the pool gets exhausted the ads are not counted any more in your estimated balance. You may still see the ads, but it does not increase your counter.
Let’s say that a company pays X$ for Y ads. Once Y ads are shown counters stop increasing for watching that same ad. Thus, your estimated rewards should indeed be a realistic estimation.

Have a look at the campaigns as shown in the screenshot below. This campaign is now at 48%. Once 100% is reached, no more ads are counted.



Just to be clear…

Do you mean August payout? Or the current one within a few days?

Hi @Cored we understand that the situation might be frustrating as there has been issues in the past. Our team is working hard to minimize these type of issues.

If you are experiencing issues with Ads being rolled over the last few months, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our Help Center for Brave Support to review.

I think you got it wrong.

This percentage slide simply reflects the passage of remaining time.

Don’t worry i understand it’s just a theory.

3rd time’s the charm, ey?

No thank you, another month lost? I’m having flashbacks seeing your message

If you would like, you can send me a DM.

From there we can investigate further what might be the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Please see the following thread for next steps regarding this issue:


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