Less BAT expected rewards

So I have around 746.21 BAT in my Creator’s account but I only received 10.2125 BAT? Any possible explanation or reason why? Thank you in advance.



Exact same situation here.

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la misma situación, esperemos que respondan

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I have same issue, I also have 792 BAT and only received 2 BAT, I think this is a system error because a series of topics related to this issue have been created. However, Brave team still has no official information

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Still waiting for the reasons and explanation. Thank you.

The boat is sinking. This is enough explanation… After the ban from iOS, the only advertiser on Brave is Brave themselves, plus 1-2 more.

Ban? I’m not aware…

That’s old news, really. Brave browser was banned from iOS some 2 months ago because of rewards (they violate iOS ToS for publishers). They do have their browser there, but it is stripped-off of rewards (and ads for that matter).

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