LEO - Which language model/engine is best for what?

I hate AI, but it’s here, and since my competitors are making use of it, I kinda have to! But privacy concerns keep me awake at night.

Hence I was SO pleased to see Brave’s Leo. I dabbled a little and i see 3 options:


What are each of these best used for? Which is ‘the best’ in terms of conversational research, finding out stuff, producing content ideas etc?

Thanks for asking — I’m actually in the process of updating our Help Center article to include Mixtral as well.

As far as Claude and Llama, the article linked above covers this (taken directly from the article):

Llama2 13b (default/free model) & Llama2 70b (Premium)

These models are typically well suited for in-depth discussion on a variety of topics, due to their ability understand complex language and have detailed conversations. While similar, llama2 70b may be preferable for longer conversations or debates, as it has more parameters and allows for more nuanced conversations.

Example questions/prompts suited for (but not limited to) these models:

  • Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
  • Can you explain the concept of artificial intelligence?
  • Can you summarize the main points of the article you read?
  • Tell me a fun fact

Claude Instant (Premium)

The Claude Instant model, while having all the same capabilities of the other two models, leans further into a causal back-and-fourth type of conversation, almost like chatting with a friend. This is due to Claude’s focus on natural dialog, allowing you to ask have even more nuanced conversations, such as discussing your day, planning an event together, getting movie recommendations — anything where responses need to flow like a real conversation.

Example questions/prompts suited for (but not limited to) this model:

  • What are some creative ideas for a birthday present?
  • How can I make my website more user friendly?
  • Pretend you are Gordon Ramsey and rate my cookies
  • Write me a short poem about Taylor Swift

As for Mixtral, we’re working on the exact wording given that Mixtral is good at most things but typically is best for things like summarization and evaluation. It’s also good with code generation if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s some documentation you might find useful:

Hope this helps

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Thanks very much. A while back I played with Claude.ai and was very impressed. I nearly subscribed for premium but very short of money. I can only afford to pay for ONE, and given my HUGE admiration for Brave (generally, but mainly its focus on privacy), I am trying to hold off in the hope of paying for Leo premium once it’s on Android.

I have just managed to get it working on my android brave browser, followed some steps I found online and enabled it in the back end somewhere. Hopefully that’s ok?

I had some fun with it last night though (on laptop). I asked Leo “Who is Misha Charoudin” - my kids like his youtube channel (races cars around Nurburgring, well worth a watch!). The answer I got was hilarious, along lines of :smiley:

“Misha Charoudin is a youtube who does videos on fitness and cycling” - WTF?! No he doesn’t! So I changed language model, asked again, and got same answer. So I tried the 3rd language model option (Claude) and got something even funnier:

“Misha Charoudin is the founder of Anthropic”

WTF?! I dived deeper and it refused to accept he isnt the founder of Anthropic. Funny stuff :smiley:

One question I do have for you (as I am fairly new to AI)…

HOW (if possible at all) can we give AI links to read, rather than pasting in text? Is there any engine in Leo that will permit that and can visit links?

Thanks again, and keep up the great work. I have banned the use of any web browser other than Brave in my household :slight_smile:

It’s a Brave New World. Dammit I should be on stage (sweeping it perhaps :smiley: )

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