Leo Premium is not available in iOS with the web-based subscription?

I subscribed to Leo Premium through the desktop Brave browser, but the premium features do not seem to be available on the iOS Brave browser. Are there any limitations on using multiple platforms?

Hello @Entitle6023 - I’d be happy to assist you directly! If you’re able to submit an inquiry via our Help Desk here, this will enable us to look into the matter. When writing in, please include the email address used for your subscription and we’ll be able to look it up in our systems.

Many thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!

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@B-Lee I do want to tag you back on this to ask, would this be done similarly to how the Brave VPN is done where they can link between App Store and Brave Premium at account.brave.com? I’d test myself but I let the subscription lapse and not in the budget to add again.

Guess just hoping to get a more general idea on how to link the devices so if anyone else has issues. Especially since I’m not seeing that as one of the FAQ things listed at https://brave.com/leo/ or in the Help Center at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/categories/20990938292237

Hey @Saoiray - this should be a case where all that is needed is for the customer to log into their Brave Premium account on their iOS device to refresh credentials following setup. If they run into any trouble past that point, we’ll probably need to gather additional account details from them (so it’s best if they write into us via Zendesk).

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