Leo Premium email login on mobile? (iOS)

I have been using Leo Premium on desktop for a while and think it is a worthwhile product. However, I am having an issue logging in with Premium on Brave for iOS. Perhaps I am missing something, but clicking on “Go Premium” and attempting to “restore” my premium status prompts an Apple login, which then fails and says there was an error purchasing the product.

I have no issues using the App Store, so I am not sure why this error occurs. Is there not a way on iOS to log in that’s similar to the email link on desktop?

Yeah, sounds like you’re not following instructions Brave gives.

There are two methods to pay. On iOS, it does it through App Store. On others, you pay through Brave’s website, which is https://account.brave.com/ Since you are saying signed up for it on Desktop, you have paid for it there. So when your iOS is checking, it’s looking for active subscription in your App Store, which you wouldn’t have.

So you’ll need to sign in to your account on your iOS instead of using the button you are and then Refresh VPN or whatever when you’re on the page. It will then have your device recognize the VPN.