Leo PDF support not working

regarding leo docsupport - https://brave.com/leo-docsupport/
this feature is not working at all.

i bought premium subscription thinking the feature works behind a paywall, which seems to not be the case.

using free and premium with the Llama and Mixtral language models, Leo fails to get context from the pdf documents i wish to query.

reproducible steps:

  1. navigate to pdf sources, in my case were both https://tldp.org/FAQ/pdf/Linux-FAQ.pdf and https://courses.physics.ucsd.edu/2014/Winter/physics141/Labs/Lab1/The_C_Programming_Language.pdf
  2. Open Leo sidebar
  3. Click the summarise this page button
  4. You will receive a response regarding brave browser and nothing to do with the pdf content or context

furthermore, if i query intentionally ambiguous questions regarding the pdf sources such as “what is fat” (microsoft filesystem), response will be regarding nutrition and not the document source.

please fix :bowing_man:

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this looks to be fixed and working again. :people_hugging: