Leo AI privacy chats and interactions with VPNs or corporate networks

I understand from the documentation on Brave Leo A note on anonymity that,

Leo is free to use for any desktop Nightly user, and no user login or account is required. Chats in Leo cannot be used for training purposes, and no one can review those conversations, as they’re not persisted on Brave’s servers—conversations are discarded immediately after the reply is generated. For this reason, there’s no way to review past conversations or delete that data—it isn’t stored in the first place.

This is all good news and inline with Brave’s privacy support. My question is, can VPNs particularly corporate run or any for that matter see the content of the chats or interactions with Leo in the Brave Nightly Browser?

I actually had to reach out to our privacy team about this and am waiting on a definitive answer. I believe that, at this time, the answer is “yes but…”, unfortunately — I think it depends on exactly how invasive the corporate VPN/policy/network/etc. really is.

Hopefully security team can shed more light on this when they have a moment to respond. I’ll be sure to let you know when they do.

Thank you

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Any updates on this now the LEO is out of nightly builds and a feature?

Basically, with the exception of very specific cases (such as man in the middle on TLS), the network/VPN could see that a user is using Leo but not the actual specific message that was sent within it.