Legality of triple Brave Grant

Hi, some people are downloading 3 versions of brave in order to receive triple BAT grants, this is legal? They dont have problem on the system, the system dont mark that like “fraudulent activity”? @Asad @eljuno @LaurenWags @Mattches can you answer me?

@eljuno thanks for editing, can you answer me?

other person say me yhat in the same computer installed brave like invitee… and brave grant he too… all this activity are legit?

We don’t have a hard policy on this yet (it is a “gray area”), but what I would recommend is to avoid doing this. In general, we encourage people to use the tips to tip other creators in a natural way, not to send their entire tip grants/balances to themselves. (You can try tipping yourself, of course, but the point of these grants is to use them naturally and support your favorite websites and creators.)

Indeed, when entire tip balances are sent to a single publisher every month, repeatedly, this tends to trigger our anti-fraud filter. The filter will suspend your account immediately pending an appeal. Therefore, if you’re tripling up on this kind of self-tipping, then there is a significantly higher chance that you will trip the anti-fraud detection.


Thanks bro, and in the other scenario… Brave installed as invited or in other user in the same pc?

Good brave, I have problems with donations, which are not crediting me all in my publisher account

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