Legacy wallet transfer issue

I never had the option to do a legacy wallet transfer and I’m trying to get my wallet on my desktop but cannot since it will not give me the option to transfer…

When did you download/install the browser on your iOS device?

I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago around 3/3/21

If that is the case, then you will not have the option to transfer – please see the following post for more information:

I never had a wallet on my desktop. Now, I am trying to do a legacy transfer from my iPhone and my iPad. The instructions say to use my mobile devices to scan the QR code on my desktop. But since I never had a desktop wallet, there is no QR code to scan. Is there a fix for this?


Are you saying you do not have a Brave desktop browser installed at all? Using a desktop wallet is the only way to transfer funds from your iOS devices. Note that simply opting into Brave Rewards (on desktop) will create a wallet for you. From there, you will see the QR code option on your Rewards settings page (Settings --> Brave Rewards).

I have the Brave browser installed on my MacBook and clicked an option to create a wallet. However, there is still no QR code.

Can you please send me a screenshot of the Rewards page on your desktop device? Additionally, can you right-click on the page and click Inspect from the context menu and send a screenshot of the Console tab in the dev tools window that appears?

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