Ledger Nano S not recognized in Beta and Dev



when I use Stellar Account Viewer the Nano Ledger S is not recognized in Beta and Dev (second figure). Brave standard does recognize the Ledger (first figure).

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Are you trying to use it with Shields up?


Same issue with another wallet: VeForge (https://vault.veforge.com/).
It doesn’t depend on the app, it’s the Ledger that cannot be recognized. Shields brought down, but that was not the cause. First pic is from Brave Beta (Ledger not recognized), second pic Brave standard (Ledger working correctly).


Thanks for the additional information. Would you be willing to share your console view/output when attempting to use the sites mentioned above? You can find this in Main Menu --> More Tools --> Deveoper Tools --> Console


Beta (with problem):

Standard (without problem):


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